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BIM Projects

Facility Management for University

BIM improves University Hospital Building in Saudi Arabia

The team created information rich intelligent BIM with LOD 500, to support faster collaboration and enable the client to gain control over the project right from construction to facility management phase.

BIM Structural Services

Fully Functional MEP BIM model for 150 Suit Hotel in USA

We delivered a highly sophisticated BIM model which satisfied the needs of the client that include model architecture, structure and MEP BIM fully functional model with coordination and clash check in short deadline.

2D drawings transformed into 3D MEP BIM

International Airport in Middle East gets clash free MEP fit out

A team of 22 Engineers & Technicians dedicate worked, converting 3D BIM Models in REVIT, while integrating architectures, structures & MEP models in NAVISWORKS to prepare clash Detection Reports.

Effective BIM Architectural Services

BIM Models with LOD-300 for a Park in USA

Our BIM specialists provided the constructors with a visual communication which helped the client to assist all the stakeholders in the project.

2D to 3D MEP BIM for a Multistory Hospital

2D to 3D MEP BIM for a Multistory Hospital in Malta

The 2D drawings were exported into the 3D model by using Revit and 3D Max. Clash detection while converting 2D drafts to 3D for a streamlined MEP installations.

Effective Revit Family Creation

Revit Family Creation for a Plumbing Product in USA

We have provided more than 150 Revit families of plumbing products like floor and roof drain and floor Sink with the all product information and detail for facility management.

Revit Family Creation for leading Manufacturer of Commercial Plumbing Products

Revit Family Creation for a Commercial Plumbing Product Manufacturer in USA

We have provided more than 150 Revit Families of Plumbing Products like Faucet, shower and spa and Kitchen Sink with the All Product Information and Detail for Facility Management.

Point Cloud To BIM For Educational Center

Point Cloud To BIM to enable Effective Facility Management for Educational Center in UK

All the scanned data in .pcg format was imported into Revit and surfaces were restructured, to create an intelligent BIM with LOD 300 with architectural and structure disciplines.

Point Cloud To BIM Enables Authorities Manage Evolving Spatial Requirements for College backyard Mechanical House

Point Cloud To BIM Enables Spatial Requirements for College Backyard Mechanical House in UK

Scanned point clouds and images in .rcs format were imported to Revit, and converted into a BIM with LOD 300 with all the Architecture & Structure & Equipment spacing details.

Point Cloud to BIM for an International Broadcast Centre

Point Cloud to BIM for an International Broadcast Center in UK

BIM experts resurfaced the point cloud models into 3D BIM (LOD-300), ready to be loaded with the required information