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6D BIM – Sustainability – Building CFD And Energy Analysis

Our accurate 6D BIM services are designed to help you perform building CFD and energy analysis, to derive more complete and accurate estimations for energy during the early design stages.

6D BIM - Sustainability

It also helps facility managers to bring down utility bills and operate a building in the most efficient manner, ensuring highest level of occupant comfort. Integrating our Building information models with 6D CAD simulations will help you iterate designs and bring in an overall reduction in the energy consumption of a building.

Our Building CFD and Energy Analysis services focus on:

  • Optimizing energy efficiency in a building for higher occupant comfort
  • Smart utilization of energy resources (design for NZEB)
  • Energy simulation and analysis
  • HVAC System Analysis and Performance Optimization
  • Fire risk assessment using CFD analysis
  • LEED Tracking
  • Sustainable Element Tracking
  • Detailed whole building energy modeling and performance analysis