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Hi-Tech BIM is your trusted partner, for all types of commercial property design and development projects, providing expert solutions in form of information rich, intelligent 3D models with architectural, structural and MEP details.


Our scope of work includes but is not limited to – BIM support for construction of shopping malls, retail outlets, office buildings, mix use buildings with a combination of spaces for offices, retail, hotels, leisure etc.

We design and implement systems for higher levels of occupant comfort and safety within a commercial property. Our BIM 6D and 7D solutions allow introducing sustainability solutions and support facility management and O&M activities for a commercial property.

We help clients design better buildings, plan and schedule construction activities, derive accurate cost estimations, detect clashes early on and prevent onsite confusions and rework. We have partnered several contractors, architects and developers working on commercial property development projects for their VDC requirements.

Virtual design and construction support helps facility design and development professionals build spaces with better environment for its occupants. BIM is not only changing the way buildings are designed, but it is also to transform the fabrication and construction processes, to make them time and cost efficient.