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BIM for Construction Support

Our BIM construction workflow management and scheduling solutions for contractors, enable them to rapidly transform the construction process and make it less time consuming and cost efficient. It also promotes higher collaboration and onsite coordination.

Construction Support

Opportunities for Model driven prefabrication and use of modular building elements has increased; leading to a tectonic shift in the construction process. Diminishing on site fabrication activities shifts the work load offsite making it convenient to manage the construction process.

The construction industry is increasingly adopting BIM for the wide range of benefits it offers. Possibilities of leveraging the use of BIM to make construction process efficient and streamlined are endless. Most significant benefit of course, is the fact that BIM provides contractors better control over the workflow and the construction process.

Construction support:

  • BIM 4D
  • BIM 5D
  • Onsite BIM coordination
  • As Built Modeling and Drawing

Contractors can also adopt the lean construction approach, that we provide using virtual design and construction capabilities. BIM 4D and 5D, i.e. cost estimation and scheduling becomes efficient and helps them derive the best business benefits.