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BIM for Detailed Engineering

We provide BIM services, present and future of building design and detailed engineering, by leveraging its unique ability to collaborate structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing disciplines under one roof. Our BIM capabilities help MEP, structural and civil engineers to take improvised and informed decisions for various buildings, infrastructure and facility development projects.

Detailed Engineering

Increasing number of engineers across all disciplines collaborate via BIM that makes clash detection and resolution a convenient process resulting in easy and efficient engineering decision making process. Also the building structure and MEP systems coexist harmoniously in an ecosystem, thus delivering the best performance possible.

Detailed Engineering:

  • BIM 3D (LOD 300, 350, 400)
  • BOQ (Bill of Quantities)
  • HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical & Fire Fighting Drawing
  • Building Work Drawings
  • Isometric Drawings
  • Shop Fabrication

Engineering backed up by our BIM services, enables engineers to concentrate on minutest detail early on.

Accurately prepared BIM models at Hi-Tech BIM, correspond general arrangement and reinforcement drawings precisely to avoid delays in construction process.

Our BIM solutions provide a complete documentation of engineering details, necessary for facility maintenance and for any kind of renovation or refurbishment projects.