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Heat Load Calculations

We are one of the leading MEPF services provider providing reliable and cost effective heat load calculations services including Air conditioning heat load calculations, Commercial heat load calculations, Housing heat load calculations, HVAC heat load calculations and many more. Solar radiations on walls & driving through the windows along with occupants, electronic systems, electronics machinery and lighting, are the ones that create heat.

Heat Load Calculations

Our skilled designers and engineers take into considerations Premises Area, Size and Positions of Windows, Occupants Numbers, Equipment and Machinery Inside Premises, Lighting Inside Premises and many such factors to determine how much heating/cooling a home needs to stay cool and dry in the summer and warm in the winter.

Heat Load Calculation Services:

  • ASHRAE heating load design criteria
  • Calculate cooling and heating load
  • Calculating commercial heating loads
  • Cooling load from heated surfaces
  • Duct design and heat load calculations
  • Equivalent full load cooling hours
  • Heat load calculations for computer server room
  • Heat load calculations for homes
  • Heat pump load calculation
  • Hvac Heat load calculation
  • Manual J Heat load calculation
  • Refrigeration heat load calculations
  • Residential heating loads
  • Room heat load calculation