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4D BIM – Schedule & Time

4D adds the time aspect of a construction schedule to a 3D model, the technology has evolved and so have we. Our animated models represent time against the planned construction sequence.

4D BIM - Schedule & Time

Construction phasing simulation works in your favor to help you visualize logical challenges such as “just in case” scenarios, macro-level construction phasing strategies, out-of-sequence work, scheduling conflicts between multiple trades and many more. It also helps you work out possible solutions to these challenges and achieve optimized construction schedule.


  • Location-Based Quantities, Schedules, and Cost Plans
  • Flowline scheduling
  • Conflict detection and mitigation
  • 4D BIM for onsite project control
  • Lean scheduling
  • Visual validation for payment approval

We create information rich 4D BIM models that provide contractors with both tangible and intangible benefits to helpthem overcome the challenges associated with construction workflow management.