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Point Cloud to BIM

Our Scan to BIM team partners you for Laser scan to BIM facility, one of the precisely proven way of delivering as-built Revit models, may it be for refurbishments, renovations or retrofits.

It provides you the ability to view point clouds in Revit &, a step ahead, empowers you to create and validate a model from point cloud. Agreeing upon the specifications of the scan and level of detail on the BIM model, we establish an accurate quality control network. Our engineers scan the project internally and externally followed with quality check for accuracy.

Scan to BIM


  • Surface reconstruction from point cloud models
  • Scan to BIM conversion
  • 2D/3D Image & Point Cloud Processing Using The Point Cloud Library (PCL)
  • Revit family creation from Point cloud
  • Creating Revit geometry from point clouds

At Hi-Tech, we can convert your point cloud data into intelligent and information rich BIM, for new builts, retrofits and infrastructural developments projects.

Collage Backyard

Collage Backyard 01
Collage Backyard 02
Collage Backyard 03