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BIM for Design Support

Building information modeling is changing the way, how buildings, infrastructure and utilities are designed. Using BIM; transforms building information into insights, to derive great value at every step.

Design Support

We develop designs using virtual design and construction capabilities, leading to better specifications, better estimation and scheduling resulting in sustainable buildings.

We collaborate with architects empowering them with BIM benefits such as more accurate and comprehensive design visualization, early clash detection and mitigation, early collaboration with engineers and designers for multiple design disciplines etc. Our building information modeling capabilities helps in reducing building design workload by enabling schematic design development, easy design analysis and verification.

Our design support services include:

  • 3D BIM with (LOD 100, 200, 300)
  • 3D visualization and animation
  • Clash detection
  • Heat load calculations
  • CFD & Energy Analysis (Air Flow, Thermal comfort)
  • BIM QA / QC

Design process backed up by BIM and verified even before the project reaches on-site, it certainly reduces the chances of problems and clashes on site. Using our BIM design support services, clients can greatly leverage the cost and time efficiencies for a project.

It also becomes easy for architects to quickly review multiple design scenarios and convey them to clients in a single model. As all the disciplines, i.e. architectural, structural and MEP are modeled and integrated into a single ecosystem in BIM, it becomes easy to detect inter disciplinary clashes and make design changes accordingly.