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Clash Detections

Are you adding on to current construction? Our clash detection services can save you both time and money. Imagine spending the time and money in designing state of the art upgrades to your current facility only to find out on construction day that costly changes need to made because plumbing, HVAC, and utility lines were not accounted for.

Clash Detections

Our 3D clash detection surveys create detailed maps of every part of your current structure, allowing designers to work around everything in the current structure when designing additions and improvements. BIM clash detection should be the first step in any remodeling or expansion project. Our clash detection report can save you time and money, and help get any project off to a great start.

We provide BIM clash detection services for identifying, inspecting and reporting clashes across architectural, structural and MEP disciplines of construction projects. Clash detection and risk mitigation are extensively used applications of BIM.

Experts at Hi-Tech BIM, conduct clash detection and mitigation through BIM capabilities & help clients to eradicate the possibility of human errors in the course of manual inspection. This results in less occurrences of on-site clashes and helps in avoiding rework and wastage of material, resources and money.

Clash Detection services include:

  • 3D construction and plumbing design
  • BIM based Clash detection and risk mitigation
  • Clash Resolution services
  • Comprehensive clash detection, clash analysis and reporting services
  • Detailed clash reporting
  • MEP clash detection
  • Naviswork clash detection
  • Revit BIM clash Detection

Experienced professionals at Hi-Tech BIM are equipped with the latest BIM clash detection tools, to execute projects of high complexities with high efficiency.