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BOQ (Bill of Quantities)

Traditionally; BOQ – i.e. bill of quantities is a time consuming process and also prone to a lot of errors. Hi-Tech has added value to several international projects by creating highly intelligent, 100% accurate and customizable BOQ’s. BIM based bill of quantities can be accessed and used by stake holders anytime. If there is a change anywhere it reflects everywhere across BIM.

Bill of Quantities

We provide highly detailed BIM for quantity take off and bill of materials, so that clients can utilize this information at different level of detail and for various purposes. With us clients can be rest assured that quantities can be rightly estimated, costs can be accurately accessed and materials are ordered correctly.

It also enables client to compare and analyze the relation between quantities and multiple design options easily and choose the best solution. For clients, partnering with us for BIM based quantity take offs and bill of materials means, competent project management.