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5D BIM – Cost Estimation

We assist Project Owners, Consultancies or Contractors for preconstruction 5D BIM development services for financial cost data including estimated, contracted, budgeted, and actual. We can deliver 5D BIM models at any Level of Detail (LOD) from LOD100 to LOD500 to be utilized for cost estimating and value engineered decisions. It further helps you for presentations, 4D – 6D – 7D and a variety of purposes.

5D BIM - Cost Estimation


  • Real time conceptual modeling and cost planning
  • Detailed quantity extraction andaccurate cost estimation
  • MEP/structural steel/Rebar trade verification for fabrication
  • Multi trade Prefabrication solutions

When added to construction scxhedule, 5D BIM (cost estimation) helps track budgets across throughout the construction lifecycle. It also shifts the work load from a cost estimators shoulders and allows him to focus on value adding activities.